S02 E01. Harnessing The Superpower Of Your Hormones For Better Business Results with Dr Ashley Margeson, ND

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There is a lot of discussion these days around hormones and most of it is negative.  We’re told how to “deal” with our hormones. How our hormones are causing mood swings. How our changing hormones are the source of a lot of misery and discomfort. But what if your hormones were actually your superpower? What if working with your hormones could lead to better success in your career or business?

In this podcast we chat with Dr. Ashley Margeson, ND. who is a  naturopathic doctor, an entrepreneur and also has her own weekly podcast called the Superwoman Code. Dr. Margeson will have you looking at your hormones in a whole new way. She feels that if you come to understand how they actually work, you will realize they are your own superpower, and the key to you becoming the person you were always meant to be.

This was a fascinating conversation where we learned how you can optimize your menstrual cycle, or lack of, for better business results as well as tips on how to avoid burnout. This interview was a game changer for us and we can pretty much guarantee it will be for you too.  

Some of the topics we cover:
Why she became a naturopath.
Why our hormones are so fascinating.
How do you cycle sync with self care? 
Why you should plan your work month around your hormones. 
What if you don’t have a period because you are in menopause? How important are your hormones then and how do you work with them?
How are our hormones linked to burnout?
Why do women burn out before men?
What are the first signs of burnout?

Is work life balance a myth?
Why do we get sick when we take time off from work?
If there was  just one thing women should do to take charge of their hormones and work life what would it be?

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