S02 E02. The Power We All Have To Dramatically Change The Lives Of Others with Amanda Clark and Kym Hannah

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Amanda Clark and Kym Hannah are two incredible women who have changed the face of adoption. They are the founders of TEAMworks which is a non profit foundation that seeks to improve and enhance the lives of special needs children locally and internationally. 

We first learned of their incredible story when we interviewed Emily Chang last season, the author of The Spare Room. If you haven’t already listened to that podcast we encourage you to check it out. The Spare Room is about creating your own personal legacy and Emily shared a number of powerful stories of women who had done just that. Amanda and Kym’s story in particular was so moving that we asked Emily to connect us with them. 

We love this story because it demonstrates we all have the power to impact the lives of others.  It doesn’t matter what it is, in this case it was hundreds of children, but it might be just one child or one person. What we learned is to say YES when something wakes you or moves you and to just take that first step. And how we all have the power to dramatically change the lives of others.

Topics we cover:

1. How Amanda began the journey by adopting her two sons with cerebral palsy from an orphanage in the Ukraine. 
2. How did the first trip to the orphanage with a team of therapists come about?
3. The conditions in the orphanage.
4. Our different cultural biases in regards to special needs and orphaned children
5. What were the changes they implemented and what have been the results.
6. How can we as individuals make a difference?

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