S02 E04. Building A Business That Spans Decades – The Benefits and Secret Sauce with Tory Wright

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Today we are speaking with someone near and dear to Jessica’s heart, her sister Tory. Jessica comes from a family of female entrepreneurs. Her mother opened a highly successful paper store in Yorkville in the 70’s called The Papery, which went on to be franchised in Ottawa and Victoria, BC. In the early 80’s her sister started a company called Paper E. Clips, a wholesale greeting card and paper products company, which distributed to retail stores across Canada. When she started out she was a small fry in the paper industry surrounded by larger, successful companies run by mostly men. 

Most of the companies that were around back then have disbanded or gone under so we were curious to find out how Tory managed to survive and is still growing thirty years later. How did she adapt, grow and outlast her competition?

So many of our stories about success take place over 2-5 years so we were excited to talk to an entrepreneur about what it is like to build a business over multiple decades. What was it like operating before the digital age? How do you create a family atmosphere that keeps your employees growing with you? How do you define success?

Tory has some great insights that we hope you’ll enjoy.

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