S02 E05. Rockstar, Tech Wiz and 5x Founder Indiana Gregg – On Harnessing our Power & Manifesting our Dreams

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Today we are sharing our conversation with Indiana (Indy) Greg who is a 5x founder and creative visionary, about her life and latest passion project, a new online platform called Wedo. In a career spanning over 20 years, Indy has led teams in the tech, fintech, real estate, fashion, music and cosmetic industries, and consulted show-stopping brands like LVMH, IKEA and Sony to name just a few. And she’s also a rockstar (yes a real rockstar), who did it all while raising three children as a single mom. 

Wedo is a new platform that will have officially launched by the time we release this podcast. It has the possibility of revolutionizing the world of freelancers and small business. It was developed as a solution to the high costs and complications involved in the early stages of starting a business. Wedo offers all the necessary tools entrepreneurs need on one convenient platform: chat, calendar, live streaming audio and video with in-stream payments & invoicing, plus global card accounts to make and receive cross-border and domestic payments instantly in multiple currencies.

It’s basically your one stop shop and you’re going to want to learn more about it.

Indy is so inspiring and her advice is priceless. She is a great example of how we are all multi-faceted and have the power to continuously reinvent ourselves. Indy shows us that when we dig deep we can find our natural power and manifest our deepest desires.

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